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5 Best mobile Loan apps in Kenya.

5 Best Loan apps in Kenya
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There are over 200 loan apps available on the playstore and not all of them can give you instant loans. 

If you are already listed on CRB,some loan apps won’t give you any loans yet some loan apps will still give you loans even though you are listed on CRB.  

We have tried and tested different loan apps and Here is the final list of the top loan apps in Kenya that give instant loans with or without CRB check and no registration fees. 

Steps to follow to get a loan on loan apps 

To get a loan from any loan application in Kenya, first you need to download the application from playstore and sign up/create your account. 

When creating your account on all loan applications in kenya, you will require to have:

  1. Your ID number 
  2. Your Mpesa registered Safaricom phone number since all loan applications send the loan to your Mpesa account upon successful loan approval. 
  3. Names and phone numbers of your guarantors, who can be your mum, dad, cousin or any other close relative or family member. 

Some loan apps will ask you to pay some ‘registration fee’ through a paybill or till number. DO NOT PAY ANY REGISTRATION FEE TO GET A LOAN. YOU WILL BE CONNED OF YOUR MONEY. 

Avoid downloading loan apps asking for ‘registration fees’ even before you can see your available loan limit.

Loan Apps in Kenya without CRB check.

  • Kashway
  • Ipesa
  • Zash
  • Patrons

Getting listed on CRB is always a disadvantage especially when you are indeed of a quick loan. The following apps will give you a loan instantly even if you are listed on CRB. 

1. Kashway

Kashway loan app safe loan in Kenya

Kashway is available on playstore. If you are listed on CRB then you can easily get a quick loan from this app in less than 10 minutes. 

Your available loan limit starts from Kshs 2,000 and above. This means that if you haven’t been listed on CRB you can get a better loan limit.

While applying for a loan, You will be required to enter your ID number and names as they appear on your ID card. You will also provide alternative phone numbers to act as your guarantors. 

They charge relatively low interest rates with fair repayment periods. 

They do not check CRB details so don’t worry if you are listed on CRB.

2. Ipesa

Ipesa loan app credit loan to Mpesa

Ipesa is similar to Kashway in so many ways including not checking CRB clearance before giving you a loan. 

Loan limit starts from Kshs 2,000 and above but you can get better loan limit if you have a good credit score. 

You must provide the the names, phone numbers of your guarantors and the relationship between you and the guarantors that you will have recommended. 

3. Zash loan

Zash loan app get money instantly

Zash loan offers quick instant loans without checking your CRB clearance. While applying for a loan on this application, you will be required to take a photo of yourself to finish the loan application process. 

One downside to getting a loan from this app is that they have very high and unrealistic interest rates although they are very fast to approve loans and you can rely on them during emergencies.

4. Patrons – Fast loans in Kenya.

Patron fast loans in Kenya

Patrons fast loans in Kenya have a default average loan limit of Kshs 500 to all new people who download the app and apply for a loan. They will give you a loan even if you are in listed in CRB. 

The Kshs 500 is disbursed immediately to your Mpesa Safaricom number. They are very reliable and they require alot of details during registration and loan application process. 

You can download from playstore right now.

5. Timiza

Timiza loan app absa group limited

To get a loan from Timiza, you have two options; you can either download the Timiza application from playstore or you can simply apply for a Timiza loan through USSD *848# and follow the prompts. 

You can get a loan from Timiza even if you are listed on CRB. The USSD option works faster and the loan disbursement process is fast and you get a very low interest rate. 

Loan apps that check CRB clearance.

There are 4 top convenient and reliable loan apps that check your CRB clearance before giving you a loan:

  • Tala 
  • Branch 
  • Okash
  • Zenka

If you are not listed on CRB it means that you have never defaulted on your previous loans. When you need quick loans,here are your go to apps:

1. Tala loan app.

Tala loan app loans upto Kshs 30,000 Tala mobile

Tala loan app is very strict and you can’t get a loan if you are listed on CRB. Available Loan limits vary from person to person.

In most cases you can get Kshs 2,000 as your average loan limit. The repayment period is not more than 30days and their interest rate is fair. 

Tala app is available for download on playstore. They are fast to disburse loans and very reliable in times of emergency. 

2. Branch loan app.

Branch loan app digital banks and loans

In less than 5 minutes, you can get a loan from branch app. They disburse very fast and are very strict on credit score because they do not give loans to those listed on CRB. 

Average loan limit starts from Kshs 2,000 but in some cases you can get an average loan limit of Kshs 500.

Branch is highly reliable for those with a great credit score.

3. Okash loan app.

Okash loan app safe loan app in Kenya

Okash offers an average loan limit of Kshs 3,000 and if you qualify the loan amount is disbursed to your Mpesa in less than 2 minutes. 

The only downside to getting a loan from Okash is that they offer very high interest rates and unrealistic repayment periods. 

Otherwise Okash is very reliable in times of emergency.

4. Zenka loan app.

Zenka loan app Kenya

This is the number 1 loan app in Kenya. The average loan limit is between Kshs 500 – 2,000 and above. 

Zenka loan app gives you the ability to extend your repayment period to 60 days incase you fail to payback your initial loan on time. 

Zenka also gives you the ability to refer other people and get paid commissions whenever they pay back their first loan.

You definitely should download this application when you need instant loans. 

Advantages of loan apps.

  • Very helpful during emergency. 
  • Readily available for download from playstore and very easy to use. 
  • Access to quick cash. 
  • Fast disbursement of loans. 

Disadvantages of loan apps.

  • Very high interest rates. 
  • Very low loan limits. 
  • Harassment and numerous threats from loan app agents when you don’t repay your loan on time. 
  • Highly addictive especially when you start taking so many loans from different loan apps.
  • Some loan apps don’t offer higher loan limits even after borrowing more than 3 times from the same application. 
  • Some loan apps are not compatible with all smartphones therefore limited people can install and access loans from such apps. 


Loan apps in Kenya are readily available from the playstore to enable you to access quick loans. Available loan limits from the loan applications vary and loan approval depends on whether you are listed on CRB or not. 

Of course if you have a great credit score then you can qualify for a higher loan limit.

If yyou do not qualify for a loan in any of the loan apps we have listed, you can try Fuliza Mpesa which is an overdraft loan service.

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