My Success story in online work.

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Not that long ago I was a broke first year student at The University of Nairobi, fully dependent on my parents for all things that need money.

Well, things have really changed since then and I want to share with you my story of how I went from being a broke university student depending on my parents for financial support to now being financially independent, travelling the world, working less than a couple of hours a day online with nothing but my smartphone!

I’m a 23 year old guy from Kenya who wanted more from life! I wasn’t cut out to depend financially on other people all my entire life!

I always wanted to travel, I had seen pictures of all these amazing places, I had a fond taste of all these tropical locations like Kenya Highlands and game parks, South Africa, Costa Rica, The Bahamas,Dubai etc. I could picture myself in these places, chilling on the beaches of the world living the good life!

I had no idea what I was going to do but wanted to travel and earn good money!
My parents always insisted that education is they key to success and since I already knew that to travel the world and make good money I first had to succeed in education, I decided to persue Bachelor of science in Pure Chemistry at University of Nairobi because Chemistry has always been my passion.

I thought combining education with my Chemistry passion would help me make a successful career in the long term after I graduate from university. And so my journey as a first year student at UON began. Deep within me I knew that my dream of travelling the world and earning good money was just in hand. Well, so I thought!

Being a university student is one of the hardest things on Earth. Initially, my parents would give me money even without me asking for it. They used to call me frequently to know if I am okay. With time I realized that I was becoming very broke since my parents stopped sending me money and I was running out of money for my upkeep.

I would call them and they would promise to send me money which they would not and sometimes if they sent me any money at all, it would be very little to sustain my needs in campus. In campus, without regular flow of money it is hell on Earth. I remember how I used to eat food from ‘Mess’ worth 7 Bob because I was very broke I had to settle for cheap lifestyle.

I did my research and find out that in the course I was taking, Bachelor of science in Pure Chemistry, most graduates who took that course were still unemployed in their hundreds of thousands, many years after graduating and I asked myself, “If there are hundreds of thousands of unemployed people who took the same course I am taking, what are the chances of me getting a job after I graduate?”

Evidently, the job market was already crowded. RESEARCH shows that Kenyan universities and colleges release 800,000 graduates every year.The government can only absorb 50,000 of them.The remaining 750,000 join the unemployed CLUB.The Solution to this is enterpreneurship.

I needed to start thinking out of the box, I needed to start thinking long term. I needed to start thinking about life beyond graduation. Being broke in campus and the rate of unemployment among most graduates in Kenya pushed me to start searching for ways to make money in order to sustain myself.

It is everyone’s dream to make their own money. I hated my broke life as a student.

It was then that I looked online for “Ways to make money online”I knew then that pursuing how to make money on the internet was going to be the next chapter of my life, yes I was nervous but I came across people in Nairobi who were doing it, so if they were doing it, I knew I could!

So I booked for an appointment, attended my first training, paid the training fee and began learning and working just by copy pasting what others were doing. In my First month I was working more than 16 hours daily and my earnings in month one was around Ksh. 5,000, second month 20,000, third month 40,000 ,firth around 50,000 and sixth month ksh80,000.

Today the growth is amazing and working time has been reduced to 3-5 hours per day.. My journey in online Networking in Global Internet Fortunes has not been too smooth, I have faced a lot of Rejection, received a lot of abuse and betrayal from close friends and relatives.

My advice to young people is this, to be proactive and develop less negativity, to put their view in a nice way, develop skills, have patience, persist more and Focus.All my growth for the past one year in GIF, at least 70% has been on Facebook Profile, everything I’ve earned so far is pure profit, it’s quite a feat that’s for sure, and sometimes I even impress myself! But IT IS possible!

It all changed for me once I found a paying system and a mentor.Someone that had what I wanted! Finding a mentor is key for success if you want to make money on the internet!Finding a mentor and having the right business as GIF has allowed me to achieve some incredible things at my age!

Like I said am making fortunes online, my next birthday am flying off to Dubai, Where I will be for for a week, need to visit Wild Wadi Water Park, Bur Dubai Abra Dock for a relaxing stroll the Emirates Towers so then after that I really have no idea! Ooh, back to Kenya to run My Business. …but that is what’s possible!

I’m now living the life I set out to when I was a little boy at school, of travelling the world and earning great money! Yes it didn’t come easy but with hard work and dedication you will be amazed of the results you can manifest into your own life!

“I really want to impress upon you that whatever it is you want to achieve it is possible!“

I’ve done it, helped many others achieve it so I know you can too!

If you are still reading to this point then I’m assuming that you too are looking for a better way of life or are ready for a massive change! I would love to have you come aboard my journey and allow me to help you create the lifestyle you desire!

I want to share with you the E~commerce system that myself and many others are using and having great success with that is allowing us to live the lifestyle of our dreams, creating better lives not only for ourselves but for our families and the people we meet along the way!We have a huge vision to help people like you, to go on to create massive success in your life!

We are a family, a group of people that are committed to helping our members create success… massive success in their lives and businesses! Globalinternetfortunes(GIF) is a life-changing opportunity you have in front of you, and one of the most supportive and caring communities you will find on the internet today!

If i can do it,you can do it too.Interested to know more and get started on this DREAM opportunity??? whatsapp +254716350207

“You will get all you want in life if you help just enough others achieve what they want in life”

Jim rhon

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